marine & offshore services


Genuine & OEM spare parts supply

LS Global provides a wide range of spare parts for  any type of marine elevator.

We have a large stock of genuine/OEM spare parts in our warehouse in Antwerp. Therefore we can deliver immediately. For all other parts we order directly from the manufacturers worldwide, we can supply the brand you need, the specific part you search for, in a short period of time at a competitive price. We strongly recommend carrying spare parts on board so that any malfunctioning parts can be replaced right away. 


Troubleshooting & repair

When your elevator has an unexpected breakdown or does not work properly, our technicians are ready to trouble shoot and propose a repair plan.

In case the necessary spare parts are on board, we can solve the problem immediately. If not, LS Global can deliver the original spare parts and resolve the issues.

During these repairs, our technicians do their utmost to affect your business process and planning to the absolute minimum. To avoid unnecessary costs of trouble shooting and repair we strongly suggest preventive maintenance.


Safety inspections, load tests & certifications

LS Global performs your mandatory safety inspections and load tests

Once our highly skilled and experienced technicians have performed a thorough inspection of your elevator, we issue an official LS-Global certificate confirming that your elevator is tested and inspected in accordance with En-81 and ISO 8383 and as of the inspection date, is safe to remain in operation. 

After serious modifications, or every 5 year, a load test is required. 




Regular maintenance is the key factor to avoid shutdowns.

The impact of sudden breakdowns can be very annoying and costly. LS Global offers customized maintenance programs.


Modernizations, conversions & new build

LS Global can offer you complete modernizations, conversions or upgrades to make your elevator completely safe and up to date.

We also have all the expertise in house to install new elevators with the highest quality standards to resist rough sea conditions. All this at very competitive prices and with respect for your vessel’s architecture and decor.
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